Our Portfolio

  • Leaders Development - training, seminars, webinars, presentations and individual coaching for Leaders who are new in the role to experienced Leaders // currently in focus: Digital Leadership
  • Employee/Talent Development  - structured talent identification and promotion, assessment process and targeted development of skills and competencies, including training of  communication, negotiation, self management and task management, time management, motivation, leading without formal authority, project management, work-life-balance, stress management etc. 
  • Employee/Talent and Leader Selection - creation, execution, moderation and evaluation of the selection process - from written selection test through to a structured interview to the assessment center 
  • Strategy - practical consulting, supervision, moderation, presentation and seminars to the strategy process - from strategy design and development till successful implementation, evaluation and further development // currently  in focus: Agile Strategy Management
  • Diversity and Inclusion - training, workshops, analysis and impulses  to sustainably advance the culture of productive diversity and inclusion in your organization
  • Survey & Analysis - employee survey, evaluation, interviews and analysis in accordance to scientific quality standards

In English and German